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RAPTOR Australia locked onto social media as it was emerging and we have found it to be one of the best ways to speak directly to our customers, share projects and offer amazing service!

As much as possible, our team sees and responds to all of your comments, messages and questions on FacebookInstagram, and most recently TikTok. One of the best parts of our day is interacting with our followers, hearing your feedback or helping you with questions about RAPTOR. As it is such a versatile product with so many applications and just as many different people using it, naturally we get asked a lot of questions

RAPTOR coating covers 2m² per 1L bottle, we recommend that you take measurements of the entire area you wish to coat to work out your literage needs.

As a general rule of thumb when coating cars, every 2 panels require a litre of RAPTOR liner.
We recommend 8L for an average 4×4 respray and 4L for a ute tub or tray.

RAPTOR Liner kits are supplied in BLACK, WHITE and TINTABLE versions. Tintable RAPTOR may be matched to ANY COLOUR with the addition of automotive basecoat tinters. YOU get to choose the colour YOU want!

We recommend using solvent-based automotive basecoat colours. RAPTOR coat is compatible with most synthetic COB base coats or 2K acrylic urethanes. Colour can be added by up to 10% volume. RAPTOR liner cannot be tinted with water-based polyester or enamel paints. Most of our stockists will also be able to assist you with your tint onsite.

We can connect you with our tech team by phone or email, please phone 02 4731 2655 or email info@u-pol.com.au

We have authorised RAPTOR application services available all over Australia! Please visit our application service locator here

Can’t find one near you? Contact our team for more information and recommendations.

There are 3 ways to get a smoother finish with RAPTOR:

1. Turn up the pressure on the gun.

2. Add thinner as per the TDS. For instance, you could use an HVLP gravity fed gun with a 1.6-2.0mm nozzle set up. Add 15% urethane reducer when mixing RAPTOR. Set your gun at 2 bar. At about 15cm, spray the first coat as an even wet coat. After flashing, reduce the pressure and material flow to achieve a fine mist for the second coat.

3. Use a RAPTOR Vari-Nozzle Gun, set to 2 nozzle rotations. Learn about this product here

Please note that the durability of RAPTOR is strongly linked to its high film build. By adding reducer the film build will decrease and therefore some of its durability characteristics will decrease, although only slightly.

We recommend visiting our website to see all our video tutorials and to download step by step preparation guides for all sorts of different surfaces!

Metallic toners can be used however, you may experience “metallic burying” and the RAPTOR may not have the exact look that you are attempting to match. Our suggestion is to conduct a test spray-out before committing to the whole project.

Find your local stockists at our website or contact us to find online purchasing options.

Our tech gurus recommend the following tips when cleaning RAPTOR to keep it looking good!

  • Give your car a good spring clean with a nylon brush/broom at your local self-serve car wash

  • Apply a bit of spray wax (also available at your local self-serve car wash!).

  • Wash down your RAPTOR coated surface with U-POL System 20 S2000 Panel Wipe – this is our little trick when we visit events with our RAPTOR coated vehicles.

RAPTOR provides fantastic fade and UV resistance.  RAPTOR has been UV tested to over 5000 hours. The UV test results for RAPTOR coat refer to time in an accelerated weathering chamber, not to outdoors exposure. This is an industry standard test and one hour of exposure in this way equals at least a factor of eight (which makes 5000 hours equivalent to five years).

To give you an idea of how good 5000 hours is, the specific for most automotive paints is 3000 hours, showing that RAPTOR liner outperforms this specification by a considerable amount.

Got more questions? We will always do our best to give you the answers you need!
Contact us anytime on social media or by phone and email. Quick and easy access to RAPTOR info can be found 24/7 over on our FAQs

Our goal is to help you discover why RAPTOR is the KING of TOUGH.

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