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RAPTOR Lightweight Spray Gun

The perfect partner to any 1L RAPTOR bottle. The RAPTOR Lightweight Spray Gun has been specially constructed with European threading and a longer dip tube to specifically fit RAPTOR bottles, offerring a professional finish without all the extra mess. Hook it up to a suitable air compressor, mix and screw on the RAPTOR bottle and you’re ready to paint.

Product Details

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Easy clean with removable dip tube and nozzle.
  • Longer pick-up tube for best results with U-POL RAPTOR and GRAVITEX PLUS bottles.
  • Screw directly into RAPTOR bottles for a direct from bottle spray.
  • Quick and convenient way to achieve a professional quality finish.
  • Fill, shake, and shoot – perfect for DIY RAPTOR jobs.
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