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Making a stand STAND OUT!

By now you’ve heard about just how versatile RAPTOR can be. From vehicles to machinery to walkways, RAPTOR is known for it’s tough, hardwearing surface. It’s also known for it’s cool-looking textured finish. This is why U-Pol Customer Service and Internal Sales Coordinator Jamila Collins choose RAPTOR 1K Multiuse Protection in black to finish a 3D printed Gameboy Cartridge display stand.

Being a bit of a collectible nerd, I wanted to spruce up my display and thought the texture would really stand out’.

RAPTOR’s textured surface is great for creating stone-like surfaces, and it’s easily tintable, making it ideal for creative projects where aesthetics are as important as durability.

Collins chose RAPTOR not only for it’s good looks but for speed. ‘Usually for 3D printing, you need to sand it back (a lot), prime it, paint it with a base coat, and then airbrush it with acrylic’ said Collins.

By using RAPTOR she was able to cut the priming step and only had to do a small amount of sanding to open up more area for the RAPTOR to grip. For the corners of the stand, she also used RAPTOR Adhesion Promoter to optimise hold.

‘Prepping the display and applying the adhesion promoter and the first layer of RAPTOR only took 10-15 minutes,’ said Collins. ‘I left it overnight and applied the second layer in the morning and went off to work. When I had come back it was all set and rock hard with that RAPTOR look!’

Collin’s created a makeshift spray booth on her balcony using cardboard boxes, rotating the stands to get even coverage.

‘It came out quite well! The added traction RAPTOR holds the games all snug and the textured black finish highlights the colours of games.’

Having never used RAPTOR before, Collin’s found it easy to use to get great results. She’s already used it on other projects. ‘I’ve since RAPTORed some other simple 3D printed items, such as a small pot stand!’

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