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When The Tough Get Going

Australia is a harsh country unlike anywhere else in the world, from its rugged and dry outback, densely forested tropics, to the freezing mountainous High Country. Quite simply, if you want to tackle some great countryside, we have it all!

Growing up, our parents would pack us into the old station wagon, drive for what seemed days on end towards pristine beaches and secluded campsites. These days the old wagon has evolved into the 4wd. Whether that be a wagon or a Ute, they’ve become not just family haulers or work trucks, they have transitioned into lifestyle vehicles that take us to some of the most memorable destinations.

We quite literally pour thousands of dollars with no regret into our vehicles so we can drop everything and make the spontaneous decision to go off grid for the weekend.  As we kit out our vehicles we develop a bond, and appreciate not just its ability to perform, but we appreciate the escape it provides from everyday life.

With all this appreciation and pride for our investment, we need to protect it!

With Australia’s harsh conditions and terrain, we need something that will protect and maintain our investments. We run bull bars, bush bars, rock sliders, stone guards, and rear bars to protect our vehicles. So why not toughen up the paint and body to protect it against the elements?

Raptor liner is UV resistant, so it won’t fade, scratch or stain and it’s dead easy to apply. Raptor gives people the ability to prep, and apply it at home in the garage. Its unique design allows you to achieve a variety of textures when you spray on raptor using U-Pol’s choice of spray guns or you can even roll on Raptor liner  depending on the job you are doing.  Raptor tintable can be tinted to any color you like, so you can maintain the original feel or go completely left of field with something a little more individual. Raptor will not fade in the sun or scratch; it will also provide your vehicle with chemical protection and rust proofing.  Quite simply when the going gets tough, Raptor Coating toughens up!

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