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GGM Concepts BMW

Green Machine

“Looks as good as it does when we first painted it 2 years ago”. GGM Concepts from South Australia have taken their 13B rotary swapped, BMW E46 to another level with a solid green coating of RAPTOR.

The entire car was prepped, removing trims and door handles and was abraded with 120 and 180 grit, depending on the surface. Making the most of our Tintable RAPTOR Coating, the final custom green tint was mixed at a ratio of 100ml of tint per litre of RAPTOR.

A generous 4 coats were applied across the body utilising the RAPTOR Professional Spray Gun. GGM were looking to achieve a smoother texture compared to that of the RAPTOR Lightweight Spray Gun, so “you know it’s RAPTOR Coated, but it still looks flat from a distance”.Perfect for a variety of applications and restorations, GGM make the most of RAPTOR across their other projects too. From bodywork to wheel wells, ute tubs, and even engine bays. RAPTOR is a versatile, easy to use, and tough coating.

Check out other projects and restorations from GGM Concepts over on their website!

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