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RAPTOR Color Pouches

RAPTOR Color is a concentrated tint for use with RAPTOR Tintable Protective Coating.

Mix RAPTOR Liner Colors with RAPTOR Tintable Base to give a rich, UV resistant color that won’t fade even after years in the sun. Available in a wide range of colors, choose either a single color or use different colors to create your own multi-colored, custom look.

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Code Size/Pack Color Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
UP4854 1.5 fl oz Pouch White 1 UP4854 TDS UP4854 SDS
UP4855 1.5 fl oz Pouch Light Gray 1 UP4855 TDS UP4855 SDS
UP4856 1.5 fl oz Pouch Basalt Gray 1 UP4856 TDS UP4856 SDS
UP4857 1.5 fl oz Pouch Beige 1 UP4857 TDS UP4857 SDS
UP4858 1.5 fl oz Pouch Light Brown 1 UP4858 TDS UP4858 SDS
UP4859 1.5 fl oz Pouch Sepia Brown 1 UP4859 TDS UP4859 SDS
UP4860 1.5 fl oz Pouch Blue 1 UP4860 TDS UP4860 SDS
UP4861 1.5 fl oz Pouch Navy Blue 1 UP4861 TDS UP4861 SDS
UP4862 1.5 fl oz Pouch Light Green 1 UP4862 TDS UP4862 SDS
UP4863 1.5 fl oz Pouch Green 1 UP4863 TDS UP4863 SDS
UP4864 1.5 fl oz Pouch Pine Green 1 UP4864 TDS UP4864 SDS
UP4865 1.5 fl oz Pouch Olive Green 1 UP4865 TDS UP4865 SDS
UP4866 1.5 fl oz Pouch Yellow 1 UP4866 TDS UP4866 SDS
UP4867 1.5 fl oz Pouch Orange 1 UP4867 TDS UP4867 SDS
UP4868 1.5 fl oz Pouch Flame Red 1 UP4868 TDS UP4868 SDS

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