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RAPTOR Fiberglass Repair Kit

This easy-to-use kit contains everything you need to repair holes, splits, and cracks in most types of surfaces, including metal, wood, brick, and hard plastics. It can be easily molded, AND permanently retains its shape.

In addition to repairing auto body damage, it’s also ideal for repairing all kinds of other items around the home, including drainpipes and gutters so it’s a perfect fit for businesses with walk-in traffic.
Our RAPTOR Fiberglass Repair Kit forms a tough, fiberglass-reinforced plastic that bonds to most materials, and provides up to 6 square feet of coverage for your application!

Each RAPTOR Fiberglass Repair Kit includes:

  • Fiberglass resin and resin hardener
  • Resin applicator brush
  • Mixing cup and mixing sticks
  • Generous amount of fiberglass matting
  • Instruction Guide
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