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Raptor 2K Bedliner Aerosol

The convenient RAPTOR 2K Bedliner Aerosol offers a fast, easy way to apply RAPTOR without compromising performance, no spray equipment necessary.

What is 2K Bedliner Aerosol?

This colored bed liner spray can is ideal for spot repairs and small jobs. More than just a bed liner, RAPTOR is a highly durable and tough protective coating. Use RAPTOR on a variety of surfaces that need a protective barrier that withstands the toughest situations. Using RAPTOR is easy – Now you can spray RAPTOR 2K Bedliner Aerosol for a no mess, no clean-up application. It’s easy!

Product Specs

  • Easy and convenient – activate using the valve on base
  • Textured “gun” finish
  • No need for spray equipment
  • Ideal for both consumers and professionals
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CodeSize/PackColorCtnTechnical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
UP488313.2 Oz. AerosolBlack6UP4883-TDSUP4883-SDS
UP488413.2 Oz. AerosolBasalt Gray6UP4884-TDSUP4884-SDS
UP488513.2 Oz. AerosolWhite6UP4885-TDSUP4885-SDS
UP488613.2 Oz. AerosolFlame Red6UP4886-TDSUP4886-SDS
UP488713.2 Oz. AerosolOlive Green6UP4887-TDSUP4887-SDS
UP488813.2 Oz. AerosolSepia Brown6UP4888-TDSUP4888-SDS
UP488913.2 Oz. AerosolBlue6UP4889-TDSUP4889-SDS

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