Each US state has adopted its own regulatory limits for the amount of volatile chemicals allowed to be released by paints and coatings. National Rule meets the requirements for most of the USA. 2.6 VOC meets the regulations for a majority of what are called “”Low VOC Areas””, like Maryland, Delaware, Utah, and a majority of California. 1.7 VOC meets the regulations for the strictest VOC regulations, like in Sacramento County California.

Another way to put it is UP0820 is standard RAPTOR. UP0820V is a more environmentally friendly formula, and the UP0825 is the most environmentally friendly. Keep in mind that U-POL has worked tediously to ensure that you do not notice a difference in application, technical properties, and most importantly, performance among the three formulas a RAPTOR.

If you have further questions about which formula to use, check with your local or state regulatory office for their regulatory limits on VOCs or volatile chemicals in automotive paint products and coatings.