There are a large number of sealants on the market, of various different types and technologies. The only sealant recommended unreservedly for use with RAPTOR is U-POL Tigerseal, which has been thoroughly tested for compatibility in our laboratories.
When using any sealant you need to check the overcoat window on the sealant TDS before use to avoid potential adhesion issues later. For Tigerseal if not overpainted within 1 day; for best results abrade it with gray scotch and degrease and tack off before application of the RAPTOR.
When applying RAPTOR over Tigerseal, we do not recommend any adhesion promoter (eg. ACID#8 or GRIP#4) as this causes worse adhesion rather than better when used over this sealant. Likewise, we do not recommend the use of an epoxy primer between Tigerseal and RAPTOR.
With aged sealants (ie. those already on a vehicle, rather than one being freshly applied as part of this painting process) we would recommend to remove the sealant and reseal using Tigerseal, as aged sealant can be very unpredictable on how well it accepts paint.
Given the large number of different sealants on the market, we cannot guarantee success of RAPTOR painted over a different sealant. If a customer wants to use another sealant or does not wish to remove a sealant already present, we recommend the following protocol is trialled over a small area;

  1. If using a different sealant to Tigerseal, paint over with RAPTOR as early as TDS allows (preferably within 1 hour), it should be noted that full adhesion may not develop with some sealants for some time after painting with RAPTOR.
  2. If painting over a different sealant that has aged, abrade the sealant with gray scotch, degrease and tack off before applying Tigerseal over the top, then apply the RAPTOR as soon as the Tigerseal has skinned (30 mins – 1 hour). This process is known to work with many sealants, but some failures have been reported when following it and removal of the aged sealant would always be our recommended method.

Our recommendation for best results is always to use Tigerseal in conjunction with RAPTOR and use of all other sealants is subject to the customer’s own testing and experience.