1. Shake the RAPTOR Tintable bottle thoroughly.
  2. For the 1 US Quart kit, pour the full contents of the hardener into the RAPTOR Bottle.
  3. For the 1 US Gallon kit, pour RAPTOR Tintable into a mixing cup, and the hardener in the RAPTOR liner Bottle.
  4. Shake again.
  5. With the tint of your choice, add a maximum of 10% by volume.
  6. If tinting outside of the bottle, pour the RAPTOR into the mixing vessel.
  7. Pour the measured hardener into the empty RAPTOR bottle and shake to remove untinted RAPTOR excess from the bottle.
  8. Pour it back into the mixing vessel.
  9. Mix thoroughly again.
  10. Pour it back into the bottle, replace the lid and shake.

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