1. We need to repair a dent in RAPTOR.
  2. Take off the part which needs to be repaired if you can.
  3. Panel beat the dented area, so that the panel is easier to repair.
  4. Thoroughly degrease the area to be repaired prior to sanding.
  5. Remove RAPTOR from the damaged area with 80 to 120 grit abrasive.
  6. Thoroughly blow off the area and degrease again.
  7. Apply your filler to the damaged area.
  8. Sand to shape when dry with grit 120 to start and finish off with 180.
  9. Abrade the surrounding area which is to be recoated with a fine scuff pad and degrease.
  10. Any bare metal areas should be treated with an appropriate primer.
  11. Apply a light coat of RAPTOR Adhesion Promoter over the area which has been abraded with a scuff pad for optimum adhesion.
  12. Apply a light coat of RAPTOR over the repair area to achieve the required texture.
  13. If using RAPTOR 2K Aerosol, wait for 30 mins and apply a second even coat to achieve a uniform repair. If using a gun, wait for 1 hour.

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